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Community Women’s Enterprise Network plays a unique role in the poverty reduction and micro enterprise development fields, focusing on the rural, semi-urban and providing those who do not have an income with all of the tools they need to start an income-generating business. Our program builds successful, long-lasting, small businesses with a complete package of support.

We provide financial Literacy classes, Business support and mentor-ship and most importantly savings.

Value Chain Development

Value chains are systems of people, organisations and activities needed to create, process and deliver a product or service from supplier to customer. Inclusion in agricultural value chains means that smallholders can sell more products at higher prices. This results in increased incomes and long-term social benefits in rural areas. Our team facilitate value chain development in and around central districts in Uganda. We focus on agricultural sectors such as livestock, , fruits, vegetables,horticulture and staple crops, depending on market opportunities.

Social Research and Impact Measurement

We work with  organisations throughout the process of analysis and evaluating social impact. We look at  what the organization stakeholders consider valuable. We make social impact measurement better accessible, cost-efficient and enables organizations to report about impact in a consistent way.

Financial Literacy Classes

Financial Literacy is key in business however small and Community Women’s Enterprise Network is the engine of empowerment for low income women entrepreneurs.

Here, women learn to chart their own course using basics numeracy skills, learning how to start, manage and grow their own business. Promoting the success of high potential low income women business owners means promoting the success of families and communities.

As women find greater financial freedom and success, they are able to contribute to the success of others.

School Project

Currently volunteering with the school project, our  own initiative of connecting high schools  from different continents and sharing information and experiences on Millenium development goals, Culture, Poetry, Fashion, Education and Civic Engagement.

We have worked so far with Kaj Munk College, Holland and Standard College, Buwagi and Pearl High School Makindye in Uganda.


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